the 4th Asian Delegates Conference

Messages from Overseas Branches


Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe, President of Sri Lanka Branch
This Conference is meeting at a very critical time in World History. Nations are flexing their muscles for a Global War. Today more nations are aimed with nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction than in the Second World War. At that time nuclear science was only in its infancy. Today it has reached its acme. So a Global War will mean nothing else but total annihilation of Planet Earth.
In 1975 Madame Naohi Deguchi, the Third Spiritual Leader called for a "World Federation by the 21st Century". In December 1949 when Oomoto and ULBA made a new start after the horrible devastation of World War II, Madame Sumiko Deguchi, the Second Spiritual Leader, strongly promoted World Federation in order to realize World Peace.
The leadership of Master Onisaburo was vast in scale and extremely fast-spaced. In 1925 he had European and Asian Headquarters in Paris and Tokyo and Headquarters in Korea. There were 962 branches in Japan and 279 branches in other parts of the world.
We are now in the 21st Century and we must keep our faith with Master Onisaburo and Madame Sumiko and Naohi to make this 21st century, the century for the realization of World Federalism.
To this end, the Sri Lanka Delegation calls upon all branches to redouble their efforts to create the World of Aizen by working for World Federation and the Common Origin of all Religions. We need to carry Master Onisaburo's message to Africa, the U.S.A. and Latin America. We must draw up a course of everyday activity by educating the membership in our aims and ideals: New alliances must be made with organizations having like objectives, especially the World Constitution and Parliament Association which is closest to what Master Onisaburo called - Miroku-No-Yo - The Reconstruction of the World.

Mr. Mahinda E. Perera, President of Koslanda Branch
I am very pleased with ULBA Headquarters invitation to participate in Prayer Offering and World Religious Forum II in celebrating 110th Anniversary of the founding of Oomoto and 77th Anniversary of the Establishment of Jinrui Aizenkai ( Universal Love and Brotherhood Association ).
Today every country is faced with garbage problems and millions of Dollars of public money is spent to protect nature and overcome this problem. Sri Lanka is one country which is facing this as a major problem. ULBA Koslanda Branch is keenly studying this problem and will take necessary steps, along with Government Authorities with the assistance and advice of ULBA Headquarters in Japan.
I must bring to the kind notice of all members of ULBA and Oomoto Japan and all over the world that a total of eighteen members from the General Headquarters of Jinrui Aizenkai visited to Sri Lanka to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of establishing ULBA, Sri Lanka and held a Prayer for a Cease-Fire and Everlasting Peace at Isurumuniya Temple which was headed by Rev. Hirose and Dr. Amerasinghe. In earlier occasions too we had lot of Prayers for Cease-Fire and Everlasting Peace under the guidance of ULBA Headquarters in various parts of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura, Colombo, Nugegoda Maharagama etc. The Prayers for Everlasting Peace has answered very well in Sri Lanka and nearly 20 years war is about to end very soon. Now people in Sri Lanka can move freely in every part of the island and there is peace and harmony in the country. I strongly feel the predictions of Master Onisaburo Deguchi will be a reality to the whole world very soon. If people concentrate more on protecting their own dignity most of the burdens world is facing can be achieved in a very peaceful way.
My special thanks goes to all Japanese people who are devotedly spending their time and energy in assisting poor people in poor countries and prompting Peace and Harmony among all Nations.
I am wishing all of you Good Health, Wealth and Prosperity.


Mr. S. Sambandam, President of Trichirappalli Branch
On the occasion of the second prayer offering and world religious forum and the 4th Asian Delegate Conference to be held on November 4-5 in Kyoto, I offer my warm greetings and congratulations.
The untiring efforts taken by ULBA since 1925 to create awareness among the entire humanity to make them realize to the realities that there is one God, one world, and humanity is one family is laudable. Mankind is looking aghast for a solution for the total unrest and abysmal dismay the world is facing today or confronted with ULBA which teaches humanity to rise above all forms of nationalism eschew hatred and malice to lend free support to the concept of unify among diversity and accept the lofty and laudable idea of Universal Love and Brotherhood of man and to offer Joint Prayer for the success of our mission in life, ie abolition of wars and for the creation of a new world order.
Wish the function all success.

Mr. Kariakar Vaitha, Secretary General of Madras Branch
In a fast developing world, events take place in quick succession. The terrorism has become the latest weapon and that too is too poisoness.
Nuclear war is unwinnable and the world is weary of wars. Under the circumstances and in the context of the highly disturbed conditions ( mankind is under fear and frustration ) the concept of world brotherhood ideal is the only right choice. The entire world community should accept this ideology of living together as brothers and sisters in the larger interest of the entire humanity - we are obliged to carry on with our propaganda highlighting the concept of Universal Love and Brotherhood of Man. Periodical International Conference and constant propaganda is justified and is essential.

Dr. M. Govinda Raju, General Secretary of Bangalore Branch
In the Name of the Holy, let me salute thee -By prayer and Performance, let my service be -
Precisely, it is to the call of the Divine: That I meditate upon certain Reflections here!
God's Play:
Harmony in Nature is the Cosmic Low. None could alter its focus, nor change its course of man, bird and beast, - all living and non-living things adhere to this Divine Principle. Whatever transits there be, they are ephemeral. As sentient human beings, we should remember this eternal play.
Erroneous conclusions, if any, could thus be safely driven out. OOMOTO stands for the vindication and propagation of this lofty mission.
"Nothing is the world is single
All things by a low divine
In on spirit meet and mingle..." (Shelley)
This poetic expression forms the bed-rock of Universal truth. By a bond sublime, we stretch our hands for that Union. Acceptance of Creation in its manifold variety is One Life. Dissensions and differences should never delude us to deviate. The path we pursue, as being ordained, is interminable. Unless we appreciate and adore it, Truth shuns us forever.
It is my earnest duty to revere and immensely thank the OOMOTO organizers for their tireless task that they are pursuing, in particular in holding this sacred prayer religious forum and ULBA conference for the cause of human kind.


Mr. N.B. Bajracharya, Honorary Founder-President of Swoyambhu Aizen Center
The greatest danger to mankind today stems from two different forms of major barriers that cause friction and trigger feuds in the world. Master Onisaburo Deguchi, the founder of ULBA, identified them as the tangible one, viz., externally directed military might ( as apart from the police force ) ; and the intangible one, which is the hostility between nations and racial groups. He also pointed out that the removal of the tangible one, first. Working on the minds of all kinds of people, therefore, is the key to success in this matter.
Master Onisaburo had brought into play, in his own search of the means to bring peace and plenty to all humankind. Beginning 1925, he sought the cannelising of aid to the needy, and the induction of clam into the midst of disarray and discord, in all places, he happened to be working. Surely, we of the ULBA, can wish for no better human guide of our own times.

Mr. Maheshwar Juju, Executive Director ULBA-Youth Wing-Nepal
I am grateful for inviting the General Secretary of ULBA Youth Wing Nepal and President of United ULBA Free Clinic in Asian International Conference. This is a remarkable steps for involving the new generation and mobilize them. These types of thought would certainly make for follower, activation and continuation of the ULBA Principle in the world. Anything from my side to do for the conference will be appreciable.
I think the opportunity should not be given to the selfish persons and organization. Our Head Quarter should motivate and mobilize the dedicated volunteers. The present executive team are fully successful in these types of work.
Long Live ULBA and its Activities.

Mr. Madan Bahadur Pradhan, President of Nawalparasi Aizen Center
In 1993 when the First Player Offering and World Religious Forum was held in newly built Chosei-Den, Oomoto sacred shrine in Ayabe are the world religious leaders from every faith participated. I could realize at that time the coming century will be guided by the world spiritual leaders. Now the time has come still we see national and International wars, terrorist activities of the militant groups civil war.
We know most of the religious and religious Messiah messenger of God and Gods and Goddes are from Asian Land. So it is for the Asian religious leaders to work hard for peace and religious harmony. Since its establishment Oomoto and Aizenkai, both the organizations are working very hard for religious harmony through inter religious activities. This Second Prayer Offering and World Religious Forum will attract the attention not only of the world religious leaders but also of the world political leaders too. Most of the political leaders and administrators obey their religious leaders in each country. Exception was the communist block before one and half decades. But there are also under the Umbrella of Pope. Patriarch, Lamas, Mullah form East Europe to Mangolia and various Asian countries.
So I do realize the prophesy of Madam Nao Deguchi and Master Onisaburo Deguchi will take the real shape to reconstruct the Aizen world through religious highest power. Then only there will be world peace and religious harmony and national development. I do pray the highest power to make success this Second Prayer Offering and World Religious Forum along with the Fourth Conference of the Jinrui Aizenkai which is to be held in Kyoto. Thanks.

Rabi C Shrestha, President of the Kathmandu Aizen Centr
I sincerely pray for the success of this very significant conference, and great results for the "Prayer and Forum of World Religionists". I also pray that this conference and special event will contribute to a deepening of the friendships between ULBA members and to their reliance on each other, and will give each member encouragement and moral support, as well as opening up new prospectus.
Historically and culturally, the Nepalese people have always been firm believers in peace, both in percept and practice. Lord buddha was born in Nepal. We have always strived to live according to his teachings of non_violence and peaceful co-existence. As such, wefully endorse the noble objectives of the Aizen kai and pledge our whole hearted support and efforts in acheiving those objectives.
Finally, I would like to express my congratulation from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the ULBA kathmandu centre to all of you who visiting Japan from all over the world to attend the forth Asian conference. Thank you.