the 4th Asian Delegates Conference


Kunihiko Shimamoto

The President of ULBA

All of us here at Jinrui Aizenkai are very grateful to the representatives of the Aizenkai Asian Branches for your activities over many years, for your energetic promotion of our goals and for traveling so far to participate in this conference.

We are also grateful to be holding this Asian Delegates Conference to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the founding of our association. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the directors and members of Aizenkai branches in Japan, and to supporters and colleagues whose efforts have made this conference possible.

Although we have now entered the 21st century, scholars around the world urgently warn us that this new century will be a dangerous time, a century that threatens the ruin of humanity. Despite all the advances in science and society, the dignity of life is in despised around the world today. Poverty and famine still exist. Discrimination, suppression and racial disputes remain unresolved because of a lack of human wisdom. Asia is especially threatened by economic, racial and religious disputes, wars, terrorism, and other struggles. The world is not at peace and disorder prevails.

We believe it is significant that we are holding this conference at such a time, since this association promotes the realization of a bright, hopeful future and prays for eternal peace around the world.

Onisaburo Deguchi, the First Spiritual Leader of Aizenkai, on universal brotherhood, taught that "all religions spring from the same devine root. " We believe this expresses what most people in the world are seeking.

Last year, Mme. Kiyoko Deguchi, the Fourth Spiritual Leader of this association, passed away. Before her passing, she left a message: "Miroku no yo, the ideal world, which God promised us, will infallibly come in the 21st century although we will have to go through a severe crisis."

Under the guidance of the Fifth Spiritual Leader, Mme. Kurenai Deguchi, we are now determined to renew our efforts to promote our activities with all our might to realize the Aizen world and "Miroku no yo," in which humanity and all of creation can enjoy their lives.

We pray that this conference will be fruitful and significant with the blessings and protection of God and Buddha, and that it will be another step toward the progress of the Aizen movement.

Thank you very much.