Prayer Offering and World Religious Forum II


Dignity of Life

Kazuo Murakami

Emeritus Professor of Tsukuba University


Kazuo Murakami, born in 1936. Ph.D. Agricultural Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan (1964). Assistant Professor of School of Medicine Vanderbilt University, USA(1976).
Prof. of Institute of Applied Biochemistry, University of Tsukuba, Japan(1978). Emeritus Prof., University of Tsukuba(1999). Awards : Japan Academy Prize and so on.
People casually speak of life, saying "I am living." However, nobody on earth lives solely by their own capability. I have been studying the research done to decode the human genetic code. I was fascinated by the splendid technology that enabled us to do this research. However, one day I became aware of a much more amazing fact. It is this: The genetic code is equivalent to the information contained in thousands of books, yet it is written in an infinitesimally small space. And still, it can be decoded accurately and ceaselessly by a cell for the purpose of making a living body maintain its life.
What makes this possible? Not the human intellect or any technological device but the great power of the nature. I call this "something great." If we could truly understand this fact, our future would be more hopeful.